So what is POL TOKEN? And why POL TOKEN will change Poland and can be a real global game changer?
POL TOKEN is Freedom for all people.
Today Poland is modern developing country, in the middle of Europe, part of European Union.
Everyone in 
Poland will agree that we need changes, new solutions, new technologies, new ideas.
Polish people need more Freedom, more choice…

Poland is a country of Freedom.
For centuries we always fighting for our and other nations freedom.
Its our Polish tradition and solidarity.
We always stand together as one when we fighting for freedom.

Today, we need to make a change, World is changing and all people around the World are standing right before the great chance.

First time in human history, first time we can create and use our real Freedom.

There are no freedom without free money.
Bitcoin, blockchain developments and many new altcoins creating the change.

But we need some new approach and new ideas to this amazing technology.

We need Mass Adoption, and I believe year 2018 will be crucial in this matter.
2018 is the year of POL TOKEN, this is the year of Freedom, the year of mass adoption of blockchain technologies to all kind of people. Not only experts, speculators and investors.

POL TOKEN is for Freedom!
It’s time for everybody to use amazing benefits from blockchain!

Everyone – employees, business owners, students, unemployment, Polish people living in Poland and all around the World, foreign tourist, anybody – all groups of people will using POL TOKEN for everyday use for any kind of money transactions, from simple payments in local shops to big investment transactions, but you can ask why?

Because POL TOKEN is better. POL TOKEN is game changer.

POL TOKEN mission is to give people more Freedom, give people more choice, give the real better alternative for money – first free money they can use as they please – without any bad restrictions!

POL TOKEN mission is to bring best world blockchain technologies together and create the new quality everybody need today!

Easy, secure, fast, intelligent and free – This is POL TOKEN!

What are first steps in POL TOKEN developments and mass adoption plan?

We just started and now we need to gain as much power as we can.

We want to find as many great people and partners as we can. If you feel the same and you are ready to take action and responsibility for future World and generations – we waiting for you to join us! Join our POL TOKEN team! We are open to cooperation! Contact us now!

First step for POL TOKEN is PRE-ICO!

Right now our PRE-ICO is live and we offer all of you opportunity to buy POL TOKEN at low price. We know that our projects is at really beginning with development process and all. There are only few information about POL TOKEN and we will change that! More and more info about the projects will be published to help you understand how amazing project we developing together with you.

I invite all of you to join our power and create together really special project.

Enter PRE-ICO Shop and support POL TOKEN!

World already heard about POL TOKEN! I’m really happy to annouce that we already made some amazing developments and POL TOKEN is getting stronger each day, with each people who join our project!

Already more than 2000+ people from all around the World joined our project! Thank you for all amazing support on Facebook Page, Groups, Twitter, Telegram and Youtube Channel! This is great success – POL TOKEN project was published on 12.01.2018!!!

You all are most important for us!

Thank you for all support you give us in this mission, in this amazing journey!

Let’s do something amazing together! Lets bring this world and all it’s inhabitants more freedom! Freedom we always dream of – because now it’s possible and we must use this chance!

Thank you once again for all support you give to POL TOKEN!

Especially I want to thank all our amazing investors! POL TOKEN need funds to grow fast – because we all are ready, we have all power we need – now its our time! Thank you all for investing in POL TOKEN project – you will be happy to enter now when price for POL TOKEN is so low! You will see in next months it was one of the best decisions you made!

We assure you we will always do our best to give you as much as we can with POL TOKEN!

Stay with us!
More information is coming soon!


ps. Please take a look at our new Youtube Channel, we published tutorial videos about POL TOKEN: